At Doncaster Primary we are committed to developing all aspects of your child's development. Our constant efforts to instil and nurture social and emotional growth are evident thorough our values lessons and the UBUNTU program which is underpinned in all school programs and further extends our school values of - Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Equity and Teamwork. UBUNTU is of African origin and means "humanity towards others”.


Every second Friday afternoon, when there is no assembly, each student will partake in an activity with their UBUNTU group.  These groups will be made up of students from each level. These multi-age groups allow the students to interact with different age brackets in activities that will focus on communication, problem solving, persistence, flexibility, resilience and personal growth. Knowing that every occupation involves team work, we regularly give the students opportunity to build and expand their skills. Through undertaking mixed aged group tasks, some students are able to take on a leadership role and refine their understating of a task through explaining it to another.


Your child will remain with the same teacher each fortnight because;


-it will allow your child to develop a stronger rapport with the students and teacher in their group

-the UBUNTU teacher will be able to recognise development/growth of your child through regular interaction and thus recognise this


The staff are looking forward to connecting with their UBUNTU group and watching student’s develop teamwork skills.


Andrew Johnson

Wellbeing Coordinator 

2018 Tribes