Level 6 children are given numerous opportunities to show leadership. The roles of leadership are varied to capitalise on the skills and attributes of all our students.


The School Captains are announced at the end of Year 5. Their role is to demonstrate our school values and guide all of the DPS children. The School Captains lead school assemblies and assist in whole school events. They represent our school in our wider community.


House Captains are selected by their peers and assist with various school events. They promote House pride and spirit, and encourage a sense of belonging.


Sport Captains run school sport events and present regularly at our assemblies. They recognise and celebrate sporting achievements. Our Sport Captains value participation, sportsmanship and the ability to do your best.


Other leadership positions include captains of STEM, Wellbeing, Prep Transition, Canteen, Environment and Art. These students are given opportunities to lead events and build the profile of their respective areas.

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