Bounce Back

Doncaster Primary School prides itself in the way that they differentiate learning to meet a student at their point of need in all curriculum and social learning.


To complement the You Can Do It Program teachers also use aspects of the BounceBack program.




The Bounce Back curriculum Units that the teachers use are:


Core Values and Social Values - these lessons focus on developing social values related to ethical and intercultural understandings


People Bouncing Back – these lesson focus on developing self management strategies for coping and bouncing back


Courage – these lessons focus on developing strategies to find and act with courage in both everyday and difficult circumstances


Looking on the bright side – these lessons focus on optimistic thinking, positive tracking and expressing gratitude


Emotions – these lessons focus on strategies for developing & boosting positive emotions and managing negative emotions


Relationships - lesson here focus on explicitly on teaching social skills for building relationships and maintaining friendships


Humour - These lessons focus on the use of humour as a coping skill


Being Safe - These lessons focus on strategies and skills for creating a safe class and school environment and discouraging and managing bullying incidents


Success – These lessons focus on skills and attitudes for identifying & applying character and ability strengths, setting goals, planning, persevering (grit & the development of a growth mindset), overcoming mistakes and obstacles and being successful in achieving personal and learning goals


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