You Can Do It

At Doncaster Primary School we take student welfare very seriously. We offer a number of programs that are implemented within the classroom and complement our child safety strategy.


The You can Do It Program is designed to strengthen the personal, social and performance capabilities of the children within our school. Our teachers have a number of learning tools they use to boost success, improve relationships, reduce stress and promote optimal levels of wellbeing.


Throughout the year all students are involved in activities to strengthen their social and emotional skills including positive attitudes that will help them to:

  • be independent learners,
  • develop their leadership capacity,
  • be self-managing and resilient in dealing with tough, challenging situations.


The major topics covered across the whole school each year are:

  • Setting goals
  • The ABC’s of emotions
  • Confidence
  • Persistence
  • Resilience
  • Getting Along
  • Organisation
  • Self-acceptance
  • Positive self-regard
  • Managing time
  • How not to worry


All of the lesson are based on the research based framework developed by Michael Bernard and his colleagues

If you would like more information on this program please visit You Can Do It Education.



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