LOTE/Cultural Studies

The Cultural Literacy Program at Doncaster Primary School aims to provide students with the opportunity to discuss the celebrations and stories of different cultures around the world. The Program is divided into four themes aligned with the four school terms. The theme for each term is as follows: -

Term 1 – Asian Lunar Celebrations
Students will look at the stories and traditions associated with Tet, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Ramadan and Eid Ul-Fitr.


Term 2 – European Myths and Legends
Will introduce students to the exploration of Myths and Legends from different European countries with a focus on the meaning behind these stories.


Term 3 – Aboriginal Dreamtime Stories
Students will read a number of Aboriginal Dreamtime stories and identify the importance of these stories in Aboriginal culture.


Term 4 – Celebrations Around the World
Will provide an opportunity for student voice, students will be asked which celebrations from around the world they would like to learn more about.

All lessons are linked to the Victorian Curriculum, with a focus on Intercultural Capability and encouraging Global Citizenship in all of our students.


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