STEM is an acronym that is well known in the education arena. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (Sawah & Clark, 2015).

STEM education is a term used to refer collectively to the teaching of the disciplines within its teaching umbrella, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, and also to a cross-disciplinary approach to teaching (Education Council, Australia, 2015).


In the Victorian Curriculum, the Learning Area “Technologies” is made up of two strands, “Design and Technologies” and “Digital Technologies”. The Engineering component of STEM is taught through the Design and Technologies strand and the Technology component of STEM is taught through the Digital Technologies strand (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, 2018).

At Doncaster Primary School, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is integrated across all levels through the thematic units in a creative 21st century learning space. We use a hands on approach, work collaboratively and engage students to develop problem solving skills in preparation for the future.

Students at Doncaster Primary School are allocated at least an hour of STEM lesson each week. The lessons usually take place in the STEM space. A timetable identifies when each class has their STEM lesson. The class teacher operates the STEM lesson. Furthermore, STEM is offered as an After School Club too.


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