School Profile

Doncaster Primary School has a long and rich history dating back to the early 1860s, when the predominantly fruit-growing pioneers of the local rural district were concerned with providing for the educational needs of their children.

Today, the school meets the educational needs of a much more diverse urban area, with its student population drawn from the immediate locale, as well as suburbs further afield. The school is located in central Doncaster, on a large, attractively landscaped site of 2.63 hectares. The spaciousness of the grounds, along with the extensive views to the north of Melbourne, provides the school with a unique aspect in an urban environment.
The children at Doncaster Primary School are representative of a wide range of cultural backgrounds. They provide our whole school community with enormous scope from which to draw many enriching opportunities and values inherent in such a multicultural population.

‘Aiming High’ – Quality education in a caring, dynamic environment.

A priority for this next period in the school’s evolving history, is to document the culture, creating binding agreements relating to pedagogical practices in order to improve consistency in planning and practice from Foundation to Year 6, whilst promoting community engagement. Literacy and Numeracy programs will be consolidated and documented to support the whole school implementation of programs. Building data and digital literacy will underpin this important work, whilst building on previous growth, we will develop leadership within the school in a positive learning environment.



The school’s values – Determination, Pride and Success are at the centre of all the work within the Doncaster Primary School learning community, ensuring a safe, orderly and inclusive environment for all students.

The Living the Values – The Ways We Want to be Treated document emphasises and explicitly articulates the expectations for students, teachers and parents that leads to a consistency of behaviours, actions and practices. This safe and orderly environment will be further enhanced with the adoption of new strategies, implementation and documentation of the Doncaster Primary School approach to wellbeing.


Environmental Context

Doncaster Primary School (Doncaster PS) is located in Council Street, Doncaster, in the City of Manningham. The school still occupies the original site, situated in the midst of the Doncaster Hill development, between the City of Manningham Offices and Westfield Shoppingtown.

Significant building development completed in recent years has resulted in outstanding modern facilities. The school has now been totally rebuilt in four stages. The school has developed close links with the City of Manningham, having four usage agreements including an Artists Fence built with a Community Grant, a staff carpark, a bike path and a land swap, which will provide enhanced play areas. Links with the Doncaster Community Church employ a School Chaplain, run a Kids Hope Mentoring Program, provide food for families and enables the sharing of facilities.

There has been a slight increase in the student population over the review period from 523 students to the current enrolment of 548 students. The current enrolment of 548 students is representative of a wide range of cultural backgrounds. The school embraces an inclusive culture, and this culture is enhanced by the regular hosting of overseas students and enrolment of international fee paying students.

The school is structured in single year level classes. Specialist teaching areas include Visual Arts, Cultural Studies, Library, Languages (LOTE – Mandarin) and Physical Education. Program provision is enhanced through the delivery of a wide range of enrichment programs including opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.


Overarching Statement
At Doncaster Primary School we aim to achieve high levels of individual growth by utilising student data and interactions to inform teaching and learning.

We will build supportive partnerships within DPS and beyond the school in order to enhance a strong culture of engagement and wellbeing for the benefit of student learning.


Our Guiding Values

  • Determination
  • Pride
  • Success

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