Grade 6C Cooking and Baking Experience

The grade 6C teachers are so proud to report that the students were not only well behaved, respectful, hardworking, they worked as a team in all the processes of food preparation, cooking, cleaning and of course devouring hamburgers and coconut balls.

This is what some of the 6C students had to say about their experience......


A few days ago on the 30th of August the cohort of 6C went to Doncaster Secondary College to cook hamburgers and to make coconut balls. At about 12:30pm we walked there to use their kitchen. We went in there and washed our hands. After that we split into groups and then into partners. I was with Jude and we cut up fresh lettuce and cleaned it and did the same with some parsley. However some groups cut up onions, garlics and tomatoes, one group even made the chocolate balls. After everything was ready we started to cook meat patties that we made and cooked it on a pan with a bit of oil. It took a while to cook but after a while it was ready and it tasted very good and was well cooked. The burgers and the chocolate balls tasted amazing. I really enjoyed going to DSC to cook burgers and chocolate balls, and if I was asked to do it again I would definitely do it again. It was probably one of the best excursions I had ever gone on.

By Daniel 6C

The 6C cohort had a really fun time making burgers while learning life lessons. We learnt how to dice and chop onions, parsley, garlic and much more. We made coconut balls as a dessert but it was a challenge sprinting back to school in time to actually eat them. Overall I think it was a great experience, not only did we eat amazing burgers and the best coconut balls, we learnt a life skill that will definitely come in handy when we grow older.

By Mei He 6C