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Education Week 2018

We invite you to join us as we aim high in all areas of the curriculum. In Education Week, we will showcase amazing Mathematics, Literacy, STEM, Wellbeing and Arts activities. There will be open classrooms, school tours and a Prep information evening.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Doncaster Primary School. At our school we give every child every opportunity to ‘Aim High’ in all they do!

At the outset, we want to acknowledge that families are the first and most enduring influence on a child’s development, and play a significant role in a child’s learning. We aim to make the move from kindergarten to school as smooth and positive as possible. Our transition to school initiatives have included a nine week program, two Parent Information Forums and assessment. We will work in partnership with you to help your child develop excellent academic, cultural, physical and social skills.

Furthermore, each child’s happiness, confidence, feelings of security and belonging are all coupled with an emphasis on attaining the highest standards of which each child is capable.

At Doncaster Primary School, each child is provided with care and support, where relationships with peers and staff convey compassion, understanding, respect and interest; creating a sense of belonging and connectedness. Children are nurtured in an environment characterised by high and positive expectations with opportunities for participation, leadership, goal setting, autonomy and development of problem solving skills. Together with parents, we share responsibility for encouraging children to develop a sense of purpose and building resilience.

“Resilience is the happy knack of being able to bungy jump through the pitfalls of life. Even when hardship and adversity arise, it is as if the person has an elasticised rope around that helps them to rebound when things get low and to maintain their sense of who they are as a person.”
(Andrew Fuller, 1998)

Kind regards,

Jim Hill


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 Friday, 22nd June  Prep SNOW Day 7:45am to 5:00pm
Wednesday, 27th June  CURRICULUM DAY / Student Led Conferences
Thursday, 28th June Level 3 & 5 STOMP Production Performance
Friday, 29th June Last day of Term 2 – 2:30 Finish
Monday, 16th July Term 3 Begins


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