In continuing the school’s focus on developing greater community interaction and strengthening parent engagement, we would like to extend the offer for parents to share with us their expertise in areas they feel
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NEW WEBSITE Over the last term, Nick Chatley and I have been working on the school website. Over the break, the website will be closed down for 2-3 days and when it reopens you
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LEVEL 3 CAMP Thank you to our Level 3 staff for organising a wonderful experience for their students. The weather wasn’t fabulous, but our students had a go at everything. They were resilient and
STAFFING During the first week of Term 3, we will be wishing two staff members well as they commence family leave. I speak of Ms Teresa Flatman and Ms Lisa Foster who are “expecting”
Early Arrivals Some students are still arriving at school before teachers are on duty. Please ensure your child/ren do not arrive at school before 8.30am. Any students who are at school before 8.30am will