Student Leadership at Doncaster


At Doncaster Primary School, there are many leadership opportunities available for Level 6 students. They apply for their position and identify their own key capabilities and competencies needed for the role. These opportunities enhance their learning journey at Doncaster PS, and often is a highlight of their year. Children at Doncaster Primary develop leadership skills and demonstrate them through their responsibilities, community projects and the representation of the school at various events. The current 2018 Captains are:
School: Abhishek B, Sophia V, Jonathan G, Frenanda W, Christian F, Stephanie Z
Sports: Olivia B, Arya J, Sam C, Braden L
House: Monash: Sophie M, Angela G, Lawson: Evelyn H, Kaelyn W, Phillip: Ethan K, Manna C, Flinders: Jacinda S, Alexis K
STEM: Isaac R, Ben T, Lang D
Visual Arts: Ijzia A, Amelia L