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Welcome to Doncaster Primary School’s blog. Here you will see a snapshot of what has been happening at DPS across the school. Individual Level blogs can be seen here.

Footy Fever at DPS

On Monday 24th July DPS welcomed six current Collingwood players to our school. Students from Prep to Level 6 were involved in lunch time football activities, led by Sports Captains, Samuel, Morris, Mia and

Level 4, Team Building incursion

Here are some photos of Level 4 students working together with a selection of their comments about teamwork.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]   “I learnt to give short, clear instructions and trust

JSC & Manningham Matters

JSC Meet up with Sonya from the Manningham Council The Junior School Council are very excited that their article is being published in the “Manningham Matters” August edition. The JSC members along with Mrs

Currawong Bush Park

This week, selected members of the ‘Green Team’ attended a free Schools Education Program at Currawong Bush Park Discovery Centre. This one-day excursion was designed to give students an opportunity to connect with Manningham’s

Science in Level 1

Students have been investigating how heating and cooling a food can change its properties and whether that change can be reversed. There was a lot of fun and creativity involved in our exploration of

Gardening in Prep!

LEARNING ABOUT NATIVES! Last week our Foundation/Prep students planted a range of native trees and shrubs on the hill behind the office building. As well as beautifying the area students learned about the tree

DPS girls AFL in action

On Thursday, 4th May, our senior girls participated in a ‘Girls AFL’ carnival in Doncaster East. Thank you to the Doncaster Football Club for their training and support over the past few months, the