The Arts Profile

The Arts are practised and valued in our complex and diverse society as important means for the communication of ideas, feelings and beliefs and as major sources of intellectual, physical, spiritual and emotional development, understanding and enjoyment.

Comprehensive and sequential learning experiences in The Arts provide students with necessary skills, understandings and confidence to participate fully in The Arts throughout their lives.

Students will be given the opportunity to respond to The Arts: by analysing and expressing understandings and opinions about art works and will develop; and, practise and refine techniques to explore personal experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings through the creations of art works.

The Arts will foster creativity, which will enrich the quality of students lives, providing further avenues for effective use of leisure time.

  • To develop intellectual, imaginative and expressive potential through aural, spatial, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and visual experiences in The Arts.
  • To develop skills, techniques and a knowledge of processes as a basis for personal expression.
  • To create, perform or present arts works.
  • To develop critical thinking skills and an understanding of aesthetics.
  • To develop understandings of how the Arts evolve within particular social, cultural and historical contexts.
  • To enjoy participating in the processes of creating, presenting and responding to the arts.


  • Visual Arts
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Music


  • Visiting Musical/Drama Productions
  • Visits to local Art Gallery
  • Visiting Artists/Speakers
  • Choir
  • Instrumental Music Program
  • Arts Productions
  • Fortnightly School Assembly items