Science Profile


Science is a human process, influenced by and influencing social values. Science is dynamic and forward-looking.

Science has a long history of human attempts to appreciate, understand, control and manage our world. Understanding these challenges and redirections, and the implications on our life choices and the environment in which we live, are increasingly important. Building students’ science capability is essential in making responsible and informed choices. Science capability is multidimensional, consisting of dispositional (interest and curiosity), operational (creativity and problem-solving) and cognitive (reasoning and critical thinking) facets.

Science education contributes to developing scientifically and technologically literate citizens who will be able to make informed decisions about their lifestyle, their environment and the kind of society in which they wish to live. They will be able to see the connections between science and people, note the relevance of science and technology to past achievements and current and future development, and be aware of the impact of science and technology on society, the individual and the environment.


Through learning Science students will:

  • acquire scientific skills and conceptual knowledge
  • acquire and use the skills of scientific investigation, reasoning and analysis to ask questions and seek solutions
  • develop scientific attributes such as flexibility, curiosity, critical reflection, respect for evidence and ethical considerations
  • recognise and understand the strengths and limitations of science
  • be able to interpret and communicate scientific ideas effectively
  • appreciate the dynamic role of science in social and technological change


  • Science knowledge and understanding
  • Living Things
  • Matter
  • Chemical Change
  • Energy and Forces
  • Earth and Space
  • Science at work
  • Designing and persuing investigations
  • Generate, validate and critique evidence
  • Analyse and interpret ideas
  • Use scientific models
  • Communicate findings and ideas to others


  • Science Days
  • Competitions