LOTE (Chinese) Profile

Languages Other Than English (LOTE) all contribute materially to the universal purposes of schooling and to the development of skills in thinking.

We believe at Doncaster Primary School, that LOTE should be taught through an understanding and celebration of cultural diversity. All Level 5-6 students are taught Chinese (Mandarin) according to the Department of Education & Training guidelines. Foundation to Level 4 students engage in weekly Cultural Studies lessons where they strengthen their understanding of a range of languages, cultures, and extend their intercultural knowledge – skills essential in the diverse world of the twenty-first century.

In learning a language other than English, students:

– aim to develop communication skills and knowledge and come to understand social, historical, familial relationships and other aspects of the specific language and culture of the speakers of the language they are studying;
– are provided with the tools, through comparison and reflection, to understand language, culture and humanity in a broad sense;
– contribute to the development of inter-culturally aware citizens, of increasing importance at a time of rapid and deep globalisation; and
– develop in the sense of acceptance and tolerance of another culture.


– Communicating;
– Oral Interaction;
– Reading and responding; and
– Writing.


– Chinese Traditions;
– Visiting Productions; and
– Language and Cultural Awareness Program.