The Ways We Want to be Treated

Discipline – A whole school approach
The Living the Values Program – The Ways We Want to be Treated approach is unique to Doncaster Primary School, being developed by our educational professionals through expert consultation and informed research. This program underpins the culture of the whole school, instilling in children whenever they join us, the profound importance of having strong understandings and beliefs in the necessity of our guiding values; Fairness and Equity, Honesty and Integrity, Teamwork and Respect.

The powerful language and ideals of this program permeate through the whole school and allows the development of socially aware and holitically educated children, best preparing them for the world into which they grow.

Encouraging Co-operation

At Doncaster Primary School the children have a personal investment in the success and strengths of their learning environment. The students drive the devising of a large portion of the success criteria in developing ‘the perfect learning environment’, and as such, are invested in making it a reality. The goals and expectations of their learning environment are made clear and created through shared discussion, and through co-operative classroom management the students are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility.