Enrichment Programs

Children have access to many enrichment programs. These enhance existing programs and increase student engagement in learning.

  • Extension Program
    Gifted and talented students as identified by teachers will participate in extension programs:
    3-6 Challenged based learning
    P-2 STEM / LEGO Robotics
  • G.A.T.E.WAYS
    Selected by their classroom teachers, students can attend a variety sessions to extend their understanding and confidence of concepts across the curriculum
  • Choirs
    Led by our Performing Arts Teacher, students have the opportunity to join our school choir and perform at school events.
  • Clubs
    Clubs are held throughout the week during lunchtimes in the school library.
  • Dance
    Foundation to Level 2, children engage in an intensive dance program which culminates in a fantastic Ball.
  • Instrumental Music
    Learning a musical instrument is a stimulating way to enhance a child’s education.
  • Leadership Programs
    Children at Doncaster Primary develop leadership skills and demonstrate them through their responsibilities, community projects and the representation of the school at various events.