Guiding Values

Value This Means Behaviour
Honesty and Integrity Being truthful in actions and words where actions are motivated by a sense of what is right. Being truthful to others and self.

Giving and receiving open and constructive feedback.

Giving best effort.

Taking responsibility for actions and reflecting on behaviour.

Acting as an effective role model.

Respect Treating people, property and self with dignity. Acknowledging differing religions, cultures and beliefs.

Acknowledging positive contributions.

Showing courtesy and consideration.

Caring for the environment.

Practising empathy.

Believing the needs of all children will be met.

Feeling confident that all members of theĀ  school community are performing their duties and maintaining a safe environment.

Fairness and Equity Principles of justice apply ensuring equal opportunities for all. Considering all aspects before making a judgment.

Consistently applying the school codes of conduct.

Considering individual needs and abilities.

Acknowledging the rights o all as being equal.

Teamwork Shared effort and responsibility toward common goals. Teaching common goals requires team members to:


Practise self responsibility


Communicate effectively

Utilise individual strengths

Be accountable

Actively participate in decision making

Meet deadlines