Suggestions to Parents

As parents you can also assist the school by observing these few simple suggestions:

  • Clearly name all your child’s belongings.
  • Ensure your child has a good night’s sleep by going to bed on time.
  • Send your child to school each day well equipped, on time and in uniform.
  • Place all monies requested in an envelope with the child’s name, grade, amount and reason sent.
  • Keep cars clear of gateways and school crossings.
  • School car parks are out of bounds to all children.
  • Encourage children to report home before going to a friend’s place or off to play.
  • Insist you know exactly where your child is and ensure the parent of any child playing at your house is notified.
  • Please do not ‘drop’ or ‘collect’ your child by car from the school carpark before and after school.
  • Use the fenced pathway when accessing Out of School Hours Care via the south buildings.