A weekly newsletter titled “The Bulletin” is published each Thursday. This contains up-to-date information, news, student contributions and other matters of interest to the school community. The newsletter is available from the ‘Newsletter’ page of this website, under the ‘Home’ menu, or for your convenience, you can just click the ‘Latest Newsletter’ link on the front page!

Home Communication Folders

Each student has a folder containing a “Communication Book” or student diary, brought to and from the school each day. These folders form an integral part of the home and school communication process and are a vital means of keeping in touch.

Information Evenings

Information Nights are held for the individual year levels and curriculum areas throughout the year and are advertised in the newsletter. Information Nights discuss particular areas of the curriculum and offer parents the opportunity to understand and appreciate our expectations for the students.

Reporting to Parents and Parent / Teacher Interviews

Individual Student Reports are sent home twice yearly. Parent/teacher conferences are held at the commencement of, and mid-way through the year. Dates will be advertised in the newsletter. Throughout the year parents are welcome to discuss any matters of concern with teachers. By contacting your child’s teacher a mutually convenient time can be arranged.

Attendance and absences – What to do when a child is late, absent or needs to leave school early

Attendance: Regular and punctual attendance assists your child’s progress, both academically and socially. Children are not able to leave the school grounds unattended. If you wish to collect your child during the day, you go to the General Office to complete an Early Dismissal Form at the Compass terminalprior to collecting your child from the classroom. If your child arrives later than 9:10am, they must sign in at the office using the Compass terminal at reception, instructions are provided at the point of entry.

If your child is going to be absent, please telephone the office on 9848 1122, so that the class teacher can be notified.

Absence Notes: A dated absence note to the classroom teacher is required by law at the end of the absence. This can be done via Compass.


Friday assemblies are held every second Friday in the school gymnasium. These assemblies are lead by Level Six Leaders and will begin with an acknowledgment of the traditional Indigenous Landowners of the area on which our school is based, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. There may be a variety of presentations or performances during assemblies, as well as celebrations of student academic and sporting achievements. A range of items of interest and news are also presented. Parents and community members are welcome to attend. Assemblies take place at 2.45pm and run for approximately 30 minutes.