Annual Reports

A school’s Annual Report is called ‘The Victorian Government School Performance Summary’. It is a document which reflects upon the success of the school’s programs and the progress of its students. Data is collated and analysed, with recommendations made for future planning. The Victorian Government School Performance Summary consists of two documents: ‘Report to the School Community’ and ‘What our School is Doing’ .

The Victorian Government School Performance Summary has been introduced to give parents a clear overview of how government schools are performing in Victoria.

Each performance summary provides overall results of students and how the school compares with other Victorian government schools, taking into account its student intake.

Within the summary, parents can access:

  • Student outcome results for the latest school year, as well as the last four years (where available) and a detailed breakdown of the result areas that were measured.
  • School comparison data, that identifies whether a school, taking into account its students, is performing higher than, lower than, or broadly similar to other schools.
  • Each school has also provided a ‘What Our School Is Doing’ statement, which provides context for the data contained in each school’s performance summary and outlines the school’s achievements and plans for the future.

2017 Annual Report

The Victorian Government School Performance Summary to the School Community.