At Doncaster Primary School, emphasis is placed on developing resilient children within an environment which fosters a cooperative spirit between children.

  • Our emphasis is on the reinforcement of positive behaviour.
  • We believe that in order for the school to operate effectively children, teachers and parents must understand and accept that certain kinds of behaviour are expected.
  • We believe that each person should be treated fairly and that each person/child, teacher and parent has rights which will be recognised by all those involved in the school community.
  • Relating to those rights are certain responsibilities which must be recognised and accepted by those in the school community.
  • It must be realised that certain consequences may occur when the agreed rights and responsibilities are not accepted.
  • The ‘Student Wellbeing at Doncaster Primary School’ Policy and Program operates not only at school but on all occasions when the children are representing the school.
  • Values and the related behaviours are taught daily and incidentally through our ‘Living the Values – The Ways We Want to be Treated’ program, in conjuction with┬áthe ‘You Can Do It!’ program. A School Chaplain supports children, teachers and families.